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Hello, my name is Ion and i have a big passion for football and I started to watch football games since i was seven years old and i remember those late nights of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday when because of Champions League and Uefa Cup(Europa Cup now) i was going to sleep late after midnight despite that the next day early morning i use to have classes.

Time past and beside playing football on our PE lessons, the variety of activities and products about football was growing every single year. Electronic games, still remember those long night playing in the internet caffee FIFA 2002, and then home on PC FIFA 2005 or Pro Evolution Soccer. During the summers i use to make sure that if i’m leaving for the country side for summer vacation i will get definitely couple of jerseys to play with my lads wearing a T-Shirt of some football player of the days.

Beside this I use to write down the squads of the national teams playing in Euros or World Cup as well and the teams fighting for European glory, back then the access to internet was quite limited and being up to date with the news in the international football was quite an adventure.

I decided to open this page in order to share this passion. There are a lot of people who might want to know what are the steps to become a professional footballer, manager, coach, scouter or FIFA agent, etc. If there is any information available on the the internet i decided to share with people who might be interested in this. Someone can be interested in souvenirs, clothing or other sport article related to one football club or other, here we can direct and show you the shortest way how you can get those items. As a matter of fact i bough as well a few pieces for myself and once we got the first babe i made sure that my boy is as well following his father favorite club. There may be nice offers during the sale time or maybe there is possibility to find some Jersey for example for exchange or massive clearance which can complete someones collection so we can work and on this moment as well.

Nowadays there are massive communities and blogs covering specific teams and event and here we can find something interesting for each and everyone checking the desired League or a specific team from the menu.

P.S. I understand that to get so much amount of info on one page is not so simple but together with your suggestion we can make it a great virtual temple of people in love with football.



Founder of MyFootballStaff