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Football coach or Football Manager in 2017

We are living nowadays in big interconnected universe where the ideas and  information is moving with a surprising speed. There are back in the past the old meaning of the existence, the traditional way of understanding the reality the means of life and how to achieve the goals and fulfill yourself as a spiritual and temporal human being.

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All the clashes of the battlefields this days were moved on the sport arenas, different sport competitions are new way of dispute the popularity and prestige of the nations in the world. With the fast developing economies of the western countries and the emerging economies from the Middle East and far Asia, there are a lot of changes and in the sport, but the King of all the games, Football, becomes more than a sport, it became a philosophy, a lifestyle, an identity of masses with difference of language, nationality, political view, color or religion. Now more than ever the football players reach to the level of antic roman gladiators, admired and envied in the same time.  Just to convince about this  it is enough to see what a huge popularity gained such football simulators created my EA Sport, Football Manager collection or recently mobile apps such as TopEleven.

Before starting this article i made some researches and the main idea how to become a football manager resume to a lot of practice and a long time of drilling different managerial skills.

Children Football Trainer

If you want to get a professional licence of coaching first of all you need to apply for Licence C of coaching in the organisation of coaches belonging to national football association of your country.This is the first step and mainly to gain the experience to advance to the next level as a new coach you gonna spent a lot of time working with the groups of children somewhere in between 6-8 years. In most cases it can be a volunteer activity in the neighborhood or some football centers for juniors. During these hours you can gain valuable experience to prepare for the next level.

Coaching Licence B and Licence A are more advanced and requires more training hours as an assistant or coach for lower division teams an d with taking the specials exams organised by national football federation or its local affiliates. During this process usually starts and the payment but it depends from case to case, country to country the amount the coach is getting. The careful description of this fazes and other details can be find checking the UEFA (European Union of Football Associations)and FIFA( International Federation of Association Football) official sites.Best Coaches in England

And the last step to be qualified to manage top elite football clubs it requires the License Pro. As it seems from the side to become a coach is much more easy for people coming from this sport and here we have plenty of cases just to mention a few Marcelo Lipi, Carlo Anceloti, Jose Murinho, Pep Guariola, Luis Enrique, Zinedine Zidane, Jurgen Klop and others. Watching the performances of some top teams in European football it’s easy to noticed that it took a while for ex-professional  players to qualify to the eligibility to coach their former clubs.

Perhaps majority of the success or attention of the media are focused on the players and their manager, a huge role i taken by the boardroom, but behind them there is great army of people working together for the best results. In immediate vicinity of the manager there are scouters, goalkeeper coaches, physiotherapists and assistants coaches all of them creating a team behind the team working hard for their club success.

Let’s talk football!!!

4 thoughts on “Football coach or Football Manager in 2017

  1. Hey there

    Just reading through your posts!
    Great read!
    My son is 5 and this year is his first year playing soccer! He loves it. In 8 games he has scored 47 goals! Very proud mum! (Maybe in years to come you will be writing about him)
    I think being a coach would be very rewarding just to see the people you are coaching reaching goals and performing to high standards that you have taught them! Must be great!

    1. My son he is still to small for playing football, but deep in my heart i know he might be a good player if he starts early. Player on the field or in the real life, the support of the beloved one  is very important. Wish all the best for your son and to score and assists more and more with the passing time, and thank you for visiting our page, keeping in touch, here we talk football.

      1. Thanks so much!
        I’m sure within no time your son will be football ready! I’m from a big sporting family so it felt like ages before my child could play!

        1. In my opinion sport can teach a lot a child, things that will help to achieve lots in life and overcome the difficulties. This is one of the reasons I started this webpage. As well sharing our parenting support regarding any healthy activity through sport can be another platform to create a nice community!
          Wish you all the best and see u soon to discuss more and between other to Talk football.

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