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the pitchWe decided that on this platform we discuss, share and express our opinions on different matters and aspect of football game: news, players, teams, coaches, supporters fan bases and so on. In this compartment we planing to focus on a specific theme: football development.

In up coming articles we will tell the stories of the famous coaches of the present and of the past, their ups and downs, defeats and victories, tactical approaches to the game and major factor that determined their fate as a Football Managers.

For all those who are interested to start an professional activity as a coach, scouter or other position in the technical managerial football team we decided to find articles, services and classes who will help you to launch your football(soccer) career. Personally i was playing with this idea and i know for sure that a specific moment i will definitely get involved myself and family in this adventure.

With the progression of the web page we’re planing to attract and to create interview and conversations with managers and players to share their thoughts and ideas to help us to complete our understanding about the behind worlds most popular sport.

There is a long way ahead so it’s time to rock and roll!!!

Let’s Talk Football.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Football

    1. It’s very long way to become a manager of football or soccer as it’s known in USA which requires a mountain of practice, passion and dedication. But in the end of the day all this effort is worthy if you really love this game.

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