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Serie A is the top tier of Italian football. It is considered as one of the best leagues in Europe. The league  was officially founded in 1898, although the current format of a round-robin league system was only introduced in 1929. Inter Milan has competed in the most Serie A seasons, featuring 83 times to date. There are 20 teams in the league, with the top 3 qualifying for the following season’s Champions League. The most successful team in the history of Serie A is Juventus, who has won the league title 30 times, followed by the two Milan clubs, AC and Inter, who have both won it 18 times each.

The Italian football is known for its astute tactics. The Catenaccio (literally a door bolt) is the style of football that has influenced Italian football the most. This defensive style was Introduced by Argentinean coach, Helenio Herrera, while managing Inter Milan in the early 1960s, leading it to dominancy over the Italian and European football. Many Italian teams, including the national team, have copied and elaborated this style. Although football has changed a lot along the years, the influence of this style is still notable in Italian football.

The Serie A has had the FIFA World Player of the Year in its ranks on 10 occasions in its history (more than any other league), including players like Luther Mateus (Inter), Marco Van Basten (Milan), Roberto Baggio (Juventus), Ronaldo (the Brazilian player, Inter) and Zidane which won it twice while playing in Italy for Juventus.


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