Visiting FC Liverpool home ground, Stadium Anfield. Tips For Visiting Supporters.

I start watching the games of Liverpool FC after the incredible night in May in the far 2005, when Steven Gerard and Co made the miracle, winning on penalty AC Milan in the Final of Champions League in Istanbul. There are millions of football fans around the world and a special fame is reserved for Liverpool supporters. 

Every single fan of a football club should visit the town, museum and the stadium of the favorite team at least one in their lifetime. To make all the arrangements regarding the trip, tickets, flight or land transportation, accommodation and the list of activity we decided to offer here some tips.

The match day and the crowded places could represent a challenge for visitors traveling with their families and children, so the best way to enter and exit the stadium for them could be very helpful during their trip.

On the question what make special FC Liverpool, the answers a given in a interesting video made by one of the local football fan. So the city with it’s architecture, noise of the streets, coffee shops and pubs. The parks, sea port, Beatles and the people living and sharing ups and downs of Liverpool FC.

[YouTube_WD id=36 item=19]

For all those who plans to visit the stadium and take a tour over there, here we present two videos one recent and another made some time ago where Steven Gerard take the viewers for a short tour.[YouTube_WD id=37 item=20]

The addition of the Main Stand increase the number of the seats, which will grow after developing the Anfield End area. Before the new season 2017/2018 will start, more rooms and facilities are promised to be delivered to public use.[YouTube_WD id=38 item=21]

The Spion Kop is the home supporters main stand and became famous around the world for the impact of their songs and spirit for home team, inspiring incredible come-backs and memorable victories in the league, cups or international competition. You Never Walk Alone comes as a message that connects millions around the world, stating that in the storm of the life there will always someone by your side to go over. In Liverpool family you’ll never walk alone!!!

So if you decided for a trip down bellow you have the best application to make the dream a reality, visit and explore Liverpool Football Club and the city.

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