How to Watch NFL Live Stream In Online Free, Fire TV, Apple TV, & More

Seattle-Seahawks vs Pittsburgh Steelers

We are just a few weeks away from the NFL pre-season and we count every day to watch the match. Many people already collect a ticket for the NFL pre-season and the rest of the people are waiting to watch the match from their residence.

We all know that NFL watching through cable TV is costly and you need to buy a ticket for this. Wait, we have something to increase your celebration a lot more. 

Now, what is the thing that can give you the extra momentum of the celebration? Yes, we are here to let you know about some sources from where you can watch the NFL free of cost. 

There are plenty of sources from where you can easily watch your most awaited match without paying any buck. To know the source you have to give more concentration on the rest of the part of this article. Before giving you the information of the sources let’s see the history of the NFL first.

Watch NFL Live Stream In Online Free

The NFL started live-streaming when television became popular. But the history of cable tv streaming is real depth and interest. As we all know that cable Tv become popular in the 1980s and the NFL took this opportunity to expand their branding. 

In 1986 NFL take an epoch-making decision and they signed an agreement with ESPN to show their match. Espn started live streaming by branding ESPN Sunday Night Football and they are the official first channel to first broadcast NFL. But the NFL has become so popular that authorities decided to broadcast Monday or other nights of football. 

The next season some other cable channels like ABC, CBS, and NBC begged for the right to go live to stream. Thus the channel showed the match and became very popular among sports lovers. 

You might be astonished to know that the NFL earned huge revenue by just selling the right of broadcasting matches. In 1990 they sold their rights for around  $3.6 billion, which is the highest in sports broadcast history. Even international events like FIFA and ICC were far away from their income. 

How To NFL Live Stream In Online Free

A common question among us is how to watch NFL games online. The answer is very simple and you will get the simple answer from this article. You can watch the NFL online on both ways some of the options are paid where some options are free. 

We all want to love watching the NFL and if it is free then we feel extra entertainment from watching the match. You can use the match both in cable and without cable and the source of watching without cable is called online. 

You can watch it online from tv or your mobile device. with the option of watching the match from following option like Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV (free 7-day trial), NFL Game Pass, fuboTV (free 7-day trial), Yahoo Sports, Amazon Prime, witch, Mobile App, Tand several more. 

Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins

And you have not to pay a penny while you will use this option. You may buy a tv subscription but it will make you extra cost and we know that free things are always good for our wallet.

If you have the intention to watch the NFL free of cost and also need to know the source and different option then probably you are the right place.

You can watch through the website, mobile app, online television, and different options and all the segments will be covered in this article. 

The most awaited match in the NFL is Sunday night and you can watch this match on NBC. If you have a digital converter box you can watch the match free of cost. Most of the service NBC covers and you have access to NBC affiliates to watch local matches easily.

Besides that, you can use YouTube to watch NFL through YouTube has limited access to live streaming still it is the most convenient way to watch NFL online.

NFL Live Stream In Online Cable-Free Streaming Subscriptions

Many people fear to cut the cord of cable as they don’t want to miss any matches. But if you find the option where you can easily watch the NFL without a cable subscription then it would be the best thing for you, Won’t it?

Sunday night football is mostly covered by CBS for AFC and Fox for NFC teams. 

and you might know Sunday night is officially streaming at NBC where Monday night at ESPN. But if you want to see a match from this channel you need a subscription from Live TV streaming service. But if you subscribe you have to pay a lot of money.

New York Giants at Buffalo Bills 

Though they offer a 7-day free trial, it is a nuisance and can’t work. So you need to find out the option of subscription free of cost. From the subscription, you can pick fubo tv, direct tv, youtube tv, and amazon tv. When you will succeed to subscribe you can watch your favorite NFL from Apple TV, IOs, Android app, Amazon and Fire TV. And most interestingly you will get a taste of the matches in at least one local market, like CBS and FOX affiliates.

Thus you can get a taste of the ultimate fight between the best players from your residence even without cable. The most important thing about cable-free streaming is that you can even use your little device to watch the NFL without facing any extra hassle. 

Watch NFL Live Stream In Online with Sling TV

It is one of the most popular online versions of NFL live streaming. You can get huge access to the NFL by spending only $25. Even you will get a free trial of one week that can help you to save some penny. 

You will get at least 30 channel even ESPN that will cover Monday night. It is cost-effective and user-friendly but the cons of its limitation on coverage. There is a limited area to cover and a limited channel list, but you can increase the package by spending an extra penny. 

This is an alternative of cable tv and can get simply adding DVR service that will depend on your packages. You can learn more about sling tv by reading their review, But we find it is best for you for its economical support.

Minnesota Vikings vs Green Bay Packers

The packages it offers to its clients are appended below

Orange package

It is mainly Monday night football. You can subscribe to this package for only spending $25 a month. You will have 30 + channel and ESPN to enjoy Monday night with the NFL. You can get ESPN so you can easily update yourself by getting the latest news from the NFL.

Blue package

The second package Sling TV offers is a blue package which is good at it and will give you the enjoyment of both Sunday and Thursday night football. You will receive Fox, NBC, and the NFL network. 

But only the cons of this site is Espn. This package doesn’t cover ESPN so you can’t watch ESPN from this channel. But if you pay extra $10 then you might get NFL RedZone and other options to get the perfect value for your money. Sling tv has best support line you can get their support for any time you need.

Watch NFL Live Stream In Online with Amazon Prime

This is for Thursday night. You will get 11 Thursday night football matches this season free of cost from this online TV show. 

But to get this opportunity you must need Prime subscription and you will get a free 30-day trial to watch your favorite NFL match. The amazon prime now shares its rights with Fox and span and you only have to spend $119 per year on Amazon Prime. 

You will get some extra features like video downloading and watching later. Updating yourself by NFL latest news and many more. If you have not any amazon prime subscriber then why are you still waiting, Pick the subscriber and enjoy the NFL.

San Francisco 49ers vs Cincinnati Bengals

NFL Sunday Tickets – Every Game All Year (Very Limited Availability)

This is the most expensive of all the packages we discussed. As it is the official version of the NFL, you have to spend little money on this.

Even if you have much money to spend still you can’t buy these packages as it is very limited. It is limited and costly but has better service than other packages and it especially works in rural areas where DirecTV is not available. 

It has a lot of things to offer you and certainly, it is the best. But the negative thing about it is you can’t access it from where direct tv can access. In short, you can get only limited area to watch this TV as direct tv covers a huge area.

Watch NFL Live Stream In Online with CBS All Access

The cheapest packages that only cost $6 every month. They even offer you a 7-day free trial. As you know, CBS covers a lot of matches so you can easily get all the matches with a tight budget. 

It is good for those who are reluctant to keep conventional cable or antenna. It allows you to live stream most of the match and live NFL event that telecast live. So this can be the best solution for you. Just pick up this package and enjoy the best matches of the season.

You can now watch the NFL using your smartphone easily. There are plenty of mobile apps that are showing the match live. You can collect the mobile app from Ios or android platform. The price range for the mobile app starts from $1.99 a month and you can watch prime time and local matches that cover Thursday and Monday night events. 

If you don’t wanna pay any penny then you can see the score or highlight of the match but can’t watch the event. The app that can satiate your requirements like AOL, Yahoo Sports, NFL app and so on. 

How to Watch Thursday Night Football Online

Thursday football night is another exciting and amazing night for the NFL any season. Since its commencement in 2006, it is now one of the most popular events in NFL history. 

The season Thursday night will cover almost 13 games and will start from week 2 where the Carolina Panthers will give warm greetings to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. You will also get the excitement from the most awaited match like Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers. The Los Angeles Rams, Cleveland Browns, and many more matches according to their features.

Houston Texans vs New Orleans Saints

As of this year, we are going to see many exciting moments which can be inferred from the player draft. So no NFL lover wants to miss any single match, right? Now the question is what would be the best source of watching Thursday night properly. 

The answer is you can watch the matches from Fox sports, Nfl network and amazon prime. All the matches will be spilled among them and you can watch that match by subscribing to their channel. 

You might know Thursday night football starts at 8:20 ET. So don’t loiter your time to buy the packages and watch the match with your favorite popcorn.

How to Watch Sunday Night Football Online

Sunday night is a major event of the NFL and almost every channel or source cover this night. Previously online ESPN had the right to stream NFL Sunday night but by the passage of time, many channels have the right to stream this event. 

This year there are waiting for some exciting match which will blow your mind with their excitement and beauty. Now let’s find out some source by which you can see the matches online

Sling tv- Most of the Sunday night will be covered by sling tv. And we previously explained the pros and cons of Sling tv. So if you have any package especially orange package you can watch Sunday night with sling tv easily.


The next channel that will cover Sunday night is fubo tv. Is the cheapest source for watching Sunday night.

Youtube Tv-

Another source is youtube tv. You can check the details from our upper part of the article.


The most popular source of enjoying Sunday night is Hulu tv, you can watch every single match with Hulu tv.

How to Watch Monday Night Football Online

We already know that all Monday night will be covered by ESPN. You can watch it every Monday night on ESPN. You can watch the matches by installing apps that support ESPN. The packages, which cover ESPN also cover Monday night.

If you don’t want to miss Monday night, you can pick up any packages that cover ESPN and after that enjoy all Monday night with the super excitement of the NFL Monday night.

We already discussed many ways of watching the NFL. Now it is time to discuss more on some hidden sources. We already know many sources about watching the NFL. But other important things can ensure your NFL streaming smoothly.

Maybe you know about Kodi. Yes, it is a VPN that is helping people to watch NFL live. Kodi is such a VPN which ensure your live streaming to shield your DMCA and copyright issues. Now let’s find out how can you watch NFL through KODI.

You will find two options in Kodi for watching NFL live to stream. one is the official add-ons and the other is the third party where you don’t need a subscription.

First, see how can we watch officially 

After that select Video Add-ons.

Here you will find a lot of options from where you have to > Scroll down to find·NFL Game Pass add-on and click on it > and finally click Install.

To watch NFL go Kodi Home Screen > Click on Add-ons > Video Add-ons > NFL Game Pass > Enter Username and Password.

You can buy the subscription NFL either one-time payment of$124.99, or monthly car $44.99/installment.

Now Watch NFL Live Stream In Online Free

First Open Kodi > Go to Add-ons> now go below and click on the downloads tab.

Pick a Video Add-ons alternative from the list.

You will find a lot of options from where you have to select > Find and click > Click Install.

Now hover your mouse on Kodi Home Screen > Go to Add-ons > Then Video Add-ons> You will find the screen with a list of addons where you have to find out and then you can enjoy the matches.

You can only watch the news and highlights for this free version.


Now finally we will discuss how we can each NFL with HULU. To watch NFL with HULU tv you have to subscribe HULU along with Lite tv. after that, you can watch your favorite NFL games throughout the season. 

You can even record the match and you will get access to live TV like CBS, FOX, ESPN, and NBC. You will find the available match from your location, zip code and watch your favorite NFL video with Hulu TV.

The NFL always make crazy to its followers and this year it makes all matches more exciting. Every team tried to win the player draft and they pick the best players for their team. The above-mentioned sources are very popular sources by whom you can watch your favorite match easily.

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